The Summer Break Of 2013

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During the summer break of 2013 I was an eager soon to be a sophomore. Even with summer break, I faced a stressful combination of summer school, Crew soccer club practice, and homework. To cope with them, I unknowingly turned to unhealthy eating and sleep deprivation. As you can imagine my summer did not go the way I expected it to. I finished summer school in the middle of July when I woke up with a sudden, harsh, and excruciating pain in my lower abdomen. I couldn’t bare to even get up from bed. I thought maybe I needed to go to the bathroom, which didn’t solve the problem. I was sweating continuously. All I could do was cry in the fetal position. It felt as if a professional boxer was jabbing my lower abdomen from left to right. I…show more content…
I was scared for my life that this might be the end. That following night I went into the operating room. After the surgery, I had to stay in the hospital for 4 days. It was the worst experience I ever had. I had no appetite, all I had was water. Even though my appendix was removed, I still felt the pain in my lower abdomen. I had to walk around the hospital floor in order to relieve some air from my stomach. It was very quiet and dark since barely any sunlight came through the windows. The cold air made me feel sick to my stomach. It was depressing to see young children on ventilating machines or babies placed in clear boxes because of their conditions. Each time I walked in the hallways passing each room, I was crying. Being stuck in this environment made me want to leave immediately. There was no happy place for me. I was able to get a lot of support from the nurses and doctor who always checked up on me. My uncle, who is a doctor of Chiropractic visited me daily to make adjustments on my spine. As each day passed, the pain was slowly fading away. Although I had help, I on my own, had to continue to walk until I finally felt better. Fortunately, after 3 days, I was able to walk around freely, gained my appetite back and was finally discharged from the hospital. Back at home, I had to stay inside the house and not do any physical activity which was difficult to cope with because I felt useless. My incisions were still healing at the time so I
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