The Summer Day Mary Oliver Analysis

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When I think of a summer day, I think about the ocean breeze, palm trees, salty air, and sun kissed hair. I think of the beaches where people are allowed to show a lot of skin without any judgements. It’s when people order refreshing drinks instead of hot cocoa. It’s when teenagers are worryless because it’s vacation time. Let’s just say, summer days are just the best days. This poem by Mary Oliver, called “The Summer Day,” emphasizes my vision. This poem indicates a metaphor for how short life is, and how we act on certain situations without even realizing it. Inspiring. That would be the best word I could describe this poem. It made me realize that life is truly short. Nobody knows our lifespan in this cruel world. God knows, he will take us away by tomorrow, and that means, today is the only day we get to live our life to the fullest. In other words, everyday is an opportunity to live our lives to the fullest. “The Summer Day,” reminds me of this song called, “We Are Young,” by Fun. The intro of this song started with the singer proclaiming that him and his friends are “getting higher than the empire state” and his own girlfriend waiting for him “just across the bar.” Followed by this, the singer admits that he gave his lover a scar, and said "I know I gave it to you months ago / I know you're trying…show more content…
I believe that she sending a message to us that, we should fly out of our comfort zone, eat more sugar, and be rebels, while we are all still young. It is never too late. On the last two stanza, “Tell me, what is it you plan to do. With your one wild and precious life?” (Oliver) Oliver ended her poem with a boom, asking us about our plans in life. Not our career, but our plans on how we spend the rest of our lives with
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