The Summer Of The Falcon Essay

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The Summer of The Falcon      Every popular novel must have an interesting story, suitable conflicts, and a theme. In the novel The Summer Of the Falcon, the author Jean Craighead George parallels the maturation of the main character with the teaching of a bird to fly and take commands. June becomes mature and grows form childhood to adulthood, In the end of the story, June is not a child anymore. Neither is the falcon. It has fully grown and has decided to live independently, without any of June's support.      The main theme of the novel is maturity, freedom and realizing the cycle of nature. Of these three, maturity is the most important. When the story begins, June is just a little…show more content…
Without freedom, one will not live like a human being but like a toy. But, too much freedom for a ungrown child will cause danger rather than help him grow, because he will not know how to handle the freedom and how to control himself, so he will do the things that may harm other people and himself. In the novel, when June's mother and father are out for a journey, she gets freedom for the first time. Due to her lack of experience and her age, she doesn't realize that will be dangerous. She foolishly goes swimming during thunderstorm which may hurt her. Similarly Zander - the falcon who is owned by June, represents the growing June. First Zander always hurts himself by his own freedom (symbolizing June's freedom) and his lack of training (Symbolizing experience) and at the end, after training and his own experiences, he changes to a strong male falcon (symbolizing the change from childhood to adulthood of June). Freedom hurts Zander no more. Instead, freedom helps him to mature and life is more meaningful.      The realization which comes form the growing stages has been shown in the novel too. From the falcon, insects and her family, June has discovered the process of growing, which has taught her an important lesson. We can see this in the following quote: "Early the next morning she went back to the sparrow hawk's nest to see if she could find out more about what Charles meant. If she

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