The Summer Of The Mariposas

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In the book The Summer of the Mariposas, there is a connection with an Ancient Greek story called the Odyssey. Some characters are also similar in both stories. The witch Cecilia and the Greek witch Circe can have connections with appearance, with actions, and with the rest of the influence on the story. Circe had great influence and many similarities on the Summer of the Mariposas witch, Cecilia. This is something of great importance, and will show how this similarity can be seen with other characters and other books.
In appearance, both witches have similar characteristics, first example being in seduction. In the book the girls were charmed by her love and affection, much like the men of Odysseus were in the odyssey. An example of Cecilia doing this would be when she is comforting Pita by saying "Come here, darling. Everything 's going to be okay. I promise"(McCall 136). Cecilia manipulated the girls into this as well as in appearance. She is described in always good ways like being "lovely and petite" as well as being addressed as "the enchanting woman began doting on us, like a tiny yellow butterfly, fluttering about"(McCall 130). In the odyssey Circe is showed as well in a loving calm way. The quote "You ought not to be, for I have already sworn solemnly that I will not hurt you" it shows she tries to manipulate them in the same passive way as Cecilia did(Homer, and Samuel Butler, Book 10, 7). Both try with affection and deceiving to woo the heroes into their trap,
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