The Summer People By Kelly Link

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Have you ever been betrayed by someone that you trusted? “The Summer People”, a fairy tale short story written by the author Kelly Link, portrayed the characters in a way that be can be greatly related. Throughout the story, she often used several literary elements, such as symbols, setting, allusions, etc., to help the readers to understand the moral of the story. The main character, Fran, was bonded with the faith to be the caretaker of the summer people, and there is no possible way that she can escape from them. Despite the kindness of her friend, Ophelia, Fran decided to use her to gain freedom from the summer people. Ophelia has always been truthful to Fran, even though Fran bullies her during the beginning of the story. As the end, Ophelia was betrayed by Fran and forced to take over her responsibilities of the summer people. In an e-mail interview conducted by Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts with Kelly Link by the editor, Brian Attebery, explained the style of her writing. Link stated, “The primary goals of fiction — whether it’s fantasy or realism or whatever — are to entertain, to raise or answer question, to unsettle or to comfort, to communicate. The tool set changes. The goal varies too, and that’s independent of genre” (qtd. In Attebery 414). The statement from Link gives the readers that why she decided to write stories like The Summer People, which can be greatly related to realism. The Summer People reveals this message: be careful of who you trust,…
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