The Sun Advantages And Disadvantages

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The sun offers many benefits, and it allows us to survive, but the sun can also damage our society with large CME’s(Coronal Mass Ejection). If a CME is large enough it can cause power outages, due to magnetic forces released, when it crashes into the earth’s atmosphere.(1)
In 1989 a cloud of hot plasma traveling across the solar system at a million miles per hour, hit earth. This caused power outages in Canada, and 6 million people lost power due to the sun. Through the power outage of 1989, the fact that electromagnetic forces released by solar storms, can cause disruptions in the power network, has been confirmed.(6) Only CME’s (Coronal Mass Ejection) cause blackouts. A CME is a very fast but relatively cool Solar Storm.(12) We are not exactly
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The UK Cabinets office says that we can reduce the damage by not using the power grid to full capacity, building more resistant transformers, and co-operating with space agencies to be more informed when CME’s will happen.(9) The New Scientist notes that if better informed about when these CME’s happen, we can turn off the power grid before the CME hits us, reducing the amount of damage to the power network.(9)
There is also a way to prevent power loss on a much smaller scale. The Today’s Homeowner notes that a generator is an effective way to continue to have power, when a CME hits.(4) Most power networks are reliant on a few power generators, from which the power comes from, this makes the power network more vulnerable to CME’s, because if a single transformer or wire were to get damaged, everybody living in the area reliant on the one power generator would lose electricity.(7) A more distributed power system would mean that there are a lot of smaller, but more abundant, power
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Solar panels on every roof, would mean a very distributed network, and a single wire failing would just mean one household, are at the most a few without power.(7) Solar power is also very environmentally friendly(5). The average house emits about 16,000 (7260kg) pounds of C02 every year(5), solar panels will reduce this number greatly. Solar panels can also save money. After placing the solar panels a huge chunk of your electricity is free. It is estimated that after 25 years of solar panels, you save about $100,000 on
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