The Sun Also Rises By Earnest Hemingway

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Monica Lackey ENG 1113 Cristie Hooker 21 November 2014 THE SUN ALSO RISES a. In The Sun Also Rises by Earnest Hemingway, there are two main settings: France and Spain. The novel begins in Paris, France with the narrator and protagonist, Jake Barnes lives and immerses himself in his journalism. Paris is known to be a place of great beauty, and was a common place for many writers to reside in the 1920’s. This initial setting of Paris served to contrast the excitement and beauty yet corruption and uneasiness that is the enigma of Paris. This is where Jake lives, he frequents bars and parallels his author Hemingway in his general detachment from the war. The second setting is in Spain where Burguete, Pamplona and Madrid are visited. Burguete is a more rustic part of the country where Jake and Bill go to be one with nature and go fishing. This setting was the most different from Pamplona and Paris, for its unadulterated nature and simplicity of the landscape. However, the fiesta in Pamplona was a grand event where Brett was moved by Pedro Romero. Pamplona was a small city known for its bull-fighting, and the place where tension unfolds when the main characters get drunk and fight for Brett’s affection. The settings in this novel are parallel to the events that unfold there. b. One of the possible themes of The Sun Also Rises is fear of emasculation and the effects of castration, both literally and figuratively speaking. In this novel, we follow Jake Barnes who was injured during
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