The Sun Also Rises Movement

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The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway is a veritable whirlwind of motion. Whether it be by bus, taxi, or train, the novel’s central characters are constantly moving from place to place, activity to activity, alcoholic drink to alcoholic drink. However, in the true fashion of the “Lost Generation,” much of this movement seems to be aimless. This purposeless migration reflects the unending caprices of the characters, doomed to repeat their often unhealthy behaviors, never changing or maturing beyond their initial appearances. Despite the constant theme of motion throughout the novel, the principal characters’ personalities remain largely static and unchanging. Instances of motion and travel are prevalent throughout the novel, as Jake visits four different locales throughout France and Spain in the brief 239 pages, yet much of this travel seems impulsive and aimless. Jake and his companions drift around with only a semblance of plans and no strong sense of where exactly to go and what to do once they arrive. At one point, Jake…show more content…
Brett has just rejected bullfighter Pedro Romero, and her subsequent action is to turn to Jake for emotional help and financial help as well. Once again, she waxes nostalgic about the possibilities of their love. In short, she still relies on her old ways of coping with her chronic dissatisfaction and gloom. Interestingly, Jake no longer seems to entertain the delusions he had previously that he and Brett might be able to work something out. When Brett states “Oh, Jake, we could have had such a damned good time together,” he simply replies “Yes, isn’t it pretty to think so?” (250). This simple response indicates that Jake is the only character who has undergone any character development whatsoever -- he now no longer pines for Brett, and has resigned himself to a life without her
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