Essay on The Sun Also Rises & Pride and Prejudice

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In The novel The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway, Men are portrayed to be good loving beings who only want to be loved in turn and that women use men for their own gain, enjoyment, and pleasure, but in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, Women are portrayed to be good beings who want to love and be loved, and men are the horrid ones who use women for their own pleasure and gain. Hemingway shows in his novel, men are true in their love by example of Jake’s love for Brett, and that women are horrid through Brett who only has flings with men and then leaves. While Austen shows women truly love through Jane and Elizabeth, and that men are horrid through Darcy and Bingley. Each author has a completely different view as to what love is, and…show more content…
This is another example of Austen’s men being cruel while her women are good, kind, innocent women looking to be loved.
On the other side of the coin to Austen’s horrible men and just women is Hemingway’s The Sun Also rises, where Jake pours his heart out to Brett and gives her anything she wants and yet he isn't good enough. Brett even tells Jake that they can’t live together because “I’d just tromper you with everybody. You couldn't stand it." Showing that no matter what Jake does for Brett, no matter how much he cares, she doesn't. Brett is the “bad women” in the novel because she has various men in her life through out the novel, and yet whenever she needs help she runs back to Jake, for help. Jake even believes that because Brett doesn't love him back that all women are only good for friends. “Women made such swell friends. Awfully swell. In the first place, you had to be in love with a woman to have a basis of friendship. I had been having Brett for a friend. I had not been thinking about her side of it. I had been getting something for nothing. That only delayed the presentation of the bill. The bill always came. That was one of the swell things you could count on.” Hemingway is also giving that because men love more than women they always come out paying with there pain, and hearts broken, but women do not pay. This again makes women horrible seductresses. Another man that Brett uses in Hemingway’s novel is Mike. Whom believes that
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