The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway

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In the classic novel The Sun Also Rises, author Earnest Hemmingway carefully follows the lives of several Americans, impacted by times of World War I. The cohort of people highlighted in this time period is often referred to as the "Lost Generation." The war was commonly known as the Great War, and shaped the way people lived in that particular time period. Known for its fast times and lack of morals, the war set a new standards for the people of its time, and changed many people's beliefs in traditional values of love, morals, and religion. Throughout the novel, the results of the war affected the characters in every aspect of their lives. World War I had a major effect on all the characters in this novel. Because of the numerous casualties and horrific losses along with the total impact from the war, the "lost generation" really "lost" their sense of values. They no longer had the same views on life, and now converted to living life without purpose and constantly looked for ways to escape from the real world, which was no longer satisfying. In the novel, the characters are seen constantly drinking and partying, as it is clearly a part of their daily routine, in attempts to deal with the pain that was caused during World War I. Narrator Jake Barnes is very preoccupied in the life of non-stop drinking and constant partying. The War directly affected Jake as he became disabled during the war, leaving him impotent, and ultimately keeping him from being with the woman who
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