The Sun Is Shining Bright Upon Your Skin

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You are casually walking down the street. The sun is shining bright upon your skin. You watch the cars quickly driving by hearing the sound of speed. It washes wind onto your warm face. You glance at the people in the cars observing the differing expressions. You look down at your feet noticing the crunch of the orange and yellow leaves beneath them. You look up and you are at a crosswalk. The light still shows a red hand. You patiently wait. The light turns into a walking white figure and you cautiously cross the road. As you are walking a white jeep speeds down the street you look at the vehicle and it is obvious to you that the driver is not paying attention. Before you know it the women in the car, young with chocolate brown hair, slams on her breaks aggressively. Panic danced through her eyes. What do you do in this moment? This person almost hit you when you were considerately following the laws in place. Do you look up with anger in your eyes, your lips letting out words of rage? Seeing the drivers eyes grow big with remorse and fear. Or do you pause, not letting yourself fall into the arms of impulse and put yourself in the women’s shoes. Contemplating your intent before you act. Karma pertains to action driven my intention (cetanā). Before learning about Buddhism I thought about karma as a certain energy angrily coming for someone at some point in time that would force him or her to pay for his or her bad actions. It was more of a nonchalant saying thrown out there
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