The Sun - Original Writing

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As the sweltering Florida sun scorched upon my pale white skin, I prepared to aim down sights at the tiny blue flagstick fluttering in the distance. My father, in the golf cart hidden under the cool dark shade, reapplied his sunscreen. Unfortunately, I didn 't even need the cart. My ball smacked into a palm tree, nearly taking down a coconut. The ball inched its way a few yards form where I was originally standing. That would 've been right next to the hole! Angered, I stormed after the ball. Focus on your next shot and stay calm. A man on a mission to get the little white ball into the hole, I ignored my dad’s attempt to give me the sunscreen. As a result I suffered through the rest of my vacation with skin peeling off my face and neck. As a red haired, fair skinned and short tempered athlete, I repeatedly find myself losing the uphill battle against the unrelenting yellow sphere. My genetics have hindered my ability to stay outside for a long period of time, especially during the beautiful weather of the summer months. Unfortunately, these genetics lead to a greater risk of a sunburn and skin cancer, in particular malignant melanoma, which both my grandparents painfully survived. Because of the need to understand how to prevent this fatal disease I formulated my research question: How can I effectively protect myself against skin cancer while enjoying my favorite outdoor activities?

The Story of My Search I immediately began to research the causes of skin cancer. The…

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