The Sun Starts To Set As Your Making A Rather Difficult

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The sun starts to set as your making a rather difficult decision to stay at home or go have adventures on the town on this beautiful Saturday evening. With your mind set, the decision to go out on the town with friends became your final plan. You have always had a creative mindset for audiofile, always loving to find the deeper message in the words you listen to. As nighttime starts to peak, you finally start to settle in the car along with your friends ready to turn some music on. As you and your friends delightfully sing the miraculous tune, you all suddenly start to hear multiple small snippets of beeps that cover up partially the song. Blocking the creative words you want to say, you all realized y 'all chose a censored version of a…show more content…
Censorship always impacted the lives of many people whether they know it or not. People are constantly opened to the harsh reality of censored entertainment.The movies they watch, the music they listen to, and the games they play have all first been scanned through different rating systems to find anything in them that can be interpreted as “obscene”. Once someone finds something that 's degrading to society , the creator of the work has no option but to delete, edit, and basically censor the offending Expression, otherwise it never gets to see the light of public consumption. Censorship has been used for all various kinds of works, for all various kinds of reasons. The examples of album covers given at TabooTunes show various types of covers deemed “inappropriate”, and how drastically the artists had to alternate the image in order to make it “friendlier” and “more appropriate” (“Taboo Tunes Gallery - Music Censorship"). These alternatives range from a simple black box obscuring the offensive part to just changing the image to a different one entirely. The use of censorship are less clear-cut , historical wise. While governments have very bold and reasonable uses for censorship, such as censoring war expeditions and other secrets, some have morphed censorship into another form of the territorial control they have. A vital example would be Stalin’s censoring of photos to “erase” people or to put him in outstanding spotlight
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