The Sun Was Out, The Birds Were Singing

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The sun was out, the birds were singing. I had just awoken when I received an unexpected text. It was my boyfriend Rigo. The text read, “Be ready by 1 p.m. we’re going somewhere. No questions. It’s a surprise. (:” Where could we be going? He never planned surprises like this. What? Full of excitement, I hurried up to get ready for the time Rigo would be arriving. Once I had finished doing my makeup and fixing my hair I had to choose my outfit. My room was a mess, all the clothes all over the floor. I have to find the perfect outfit and also a jacket because it could be cold. I had just finished dressing up when I hear a car beep outside. I grabbed my belongings such as my bag and ran out the front door. Oh my god, it’s him. Rigo…show more content…
How could he not. He had decided we could just look for one. We got there and started walking, looking for hotels. After going to a billion hotels, we could not find any one that had rooms available. What would we do? We’d sleep outside? No matter how far the hotels would be, they would all be booked. I was starting to get upset and worried. Where would we stay? All afternoon long we spent it at the beach and had a good time. However, where we stay? “Hey, let’s go see if any rooms are booked again.” I suggested. Rigo seriously responded, “I doubt any of them will be open tonight. People who booked them today are staying. We have zero chances one will be open now.” “Well, it’s worth a try.” I said. I started to walk toward the hotel closest to the museum. I hope he follows. He did. Rigo quickly ran and caught up with me. He apologized for being negative and looked determined to find a hotel to book. When we were walking toward the hotel office we saw a couple arguing in the parking lot. I slightly turned trying to see what was going on but not making it completely obvious. Rigo did the same. The couple kept arguing and we just left to toward the office. Out of nowhere, the lady who had been arguing called me and ran toward me. “Hey! Sorry if I’m interrupting you. I wanted to know why you are going to the office, are you looking for a room? Or?” “Yes we are. We came earlier and we didn’t have find any rooms open. We’re looking for a place to stay tonight but yeah
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