The Sun Was The Main One Essay

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1. Emily’s said that heat is hot air from the sun that can make us warm, and can be used - which is correct. However, she does not know how heat is formed or its movement abilities. 2. Emily had no understanding of the term ‘friction’. She may possibly identify that hands rubbing together cause them to warm up, but she has no prior knowledge to give a friction topic response. 3. The Science concept that the sun is an important natural energy source where heat comes from was identified by Emily. As suggested her idea was that “the sun was the main one”. 4. It can be said that Emily knows that the season of summer represents heat and hotness, as she used the words the asphalt is “really hot and heats up”. A misconception is again the lack of theory as to why the asphalt gets really hot. 5. Emily demonstrated sound knowledge of what evaporation is, regarding the picture of the water cycle. A response using scientific terminology in relation to evaporation involving the water cycle process was not given at this stage. 6. The student provided me with many examples if how heat is used in everyday life. Emily’s views were of excellent standard and more importantly accurate. No misconception of how heat is beneficial and can be used in everyday life. 7. Again for a year 6 student, Emily possessed extensive ideas about the world around her, by mentioning nature such as lava and stars; and hand-made objects like a furnace and a light
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