The Sun is a Star in the Universe

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Combining hydrogen to form helium, the sun generates a great amount of energy. Radiation from the sun catalyzes or directly supplies most of the natural energy systems on earth. The sun causes the air in the atmosphere to warm up, setting temperature differentials that generate wind. Major patterns of winds are due to the earth's rotation about its axis and the day-night cycles of solar heating and subsequent cooling.
Earth is very different from the other planets in the universe in the way that the planet possess complex systems that dissipate and maximize the use of the abundant energy available from the sun that are missing on other planets. Life on earth is in general an open system that is supported by these complex systems and the continuous flow of energy from the sun. We as a part of the earth and these smaller complex systems share a task of maximizing the use of this energy available to us in abundance. Nations around the world are battling over the apparent scarcity of energy and resources which could be termed as inability to use the abundant free energy that is available to us.
The natural ecosystems on the earth are complex adaptive systems that use sunlight to manufacture outputs that are used by other systems to survive. The plants process the sunlight through photosynthesis (known as Photosyntherically Active Radiation (PAR)) to produce oxygen that is used by the living organisms to…
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