The Sundiatas Story

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Sundiatas’ story is told by a griot. He begins with Maghan Kan Fatta, the ruler of Niani, and Sundiatas’ father. The king is told by a soothsayer that his true heir would be the child coniceved from his marriage to an ugly woman. Shortly after royal hunters bring Sogolon to Maghan Kan Fatta, an ugly maid from a far-off land. In order to fulfill the prophecy, he takes Sogolons hand in marriage and shortly after Sundiata was born.
Sundiata begins facing obstacles at a young age. He is crippled, keeping him from walking until age seven and he was subjected to cruelty at the hands of his father's first wife, Sassouma Berete. Following the death of Maghan Kan Fatta, the son of Sassouma Berte becomes king and Sundiata and his mother are exiled from
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