The Sunrise Dance : A Rite Of Passage

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Mai Quach
Professor Dalia Sirkin
English 1B
16 November 2016
Research paper: The Sunrise Dance
A rite of passage is a ritual, a ceremony, or set of rituals. People from around the world celebrate birth ceremonies, puberty ceremonies, marriage ceremonies, or death ceremonies, as part of their culture. These ceremonies mark the transition of people’s lives when they move from one stage to another. In Apache tradition, when a girl has her first menstruation, her parents and her relatives prepare for her puberty ceremony. The ceremony is based on the Apache’s myth. The myth says that the First Apache is the White Painted Woman, or Changing Woman. She survives a flood by floating in an abalone shell. When she becomes old, she walks east to the sun and meets her younger self, merges with it, and becomes young again. The Sunrise Dance was banned by U.S. government in the 1800s, and it is not very common today because of its expensive cost. However, many Apache people still gather together on July 4th to perform the Sunrise Dance on reservations in Arizona and New Mexico. The Sunrise Dance is the Apache girl’s rite of passage that marks the transition of an Apache girl from adolescent to womanhood because it teaches girls to endure the grueling circumstances and to be more responsible.
The Sunrise Dance is the Apache girls’ rite of passage because it teaches the girls to endure the grueling circumstances. The Sunrise ceremony includes the invitation of people in their community,
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