The Super Bowl Commercial I Want For Talk About Isn 't My Favorite One

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The Super Bowl commercial I want to talk about isn’t my favorite one in any sense. I do however think it is a great commercial in that it did excellently what all commercials aim to do. That is it got people to talk about it long after you have seen it. It is Nationwide’s “Make Safe Happen” commercial that aired during the two thousand and fifteen Super Bowl. This commercial got a lot of bad flak with people saying it was dark and depressing, this commercial however pulls at your heartstrings. The commercial starts where we see a little boy trying to ride a bike while other boys ride off while he’s yelling “wait, hey wait.” Then it is the boy sitting on a bus and gets kissed on the cheek by a girl, and he says “Or get cooties.” As he wipes what is supposed to be the cooties off. We then see an airplane go by as the boy says, “I’ll never learn to fly.” We then see a bathtub in the ocean, as the boy and the dog are sailing. The boy says “Or travel the world with my best friend.” We then see the boy in a tux with his dog behind him, and surrounded by some toys. The boy says, “I’ll never get married.” Then we see the boy in front of a house as he’s telling us “ I couldn’t grow up, because I died in an accident.” We then are taken to a bathtub that I flowing over with water as the words, “ The number one cause of childhood deaths is preventable accidents.” We then see a sink with the bottom doors open and some dishwashing pods spilled open and on the floor, as the narrator says,
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