The Super Bowl

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"My spirit is broken, my days are cut short, the grave awaits me." (job 17:10 NIV) Well, it 's finished. The Super Bowl is done and Denver begins their reign as champions of the NFL. For all of its overhype, I have to admit I enjoy the Super Bowl. I look forward to it even if my favorite teams aren 't playing. Actually my favorite teams haven 't played in a Super Bowl in a long time. But I enjoy the hype leading up to it. I enjoy all of the analysis. I enjoy watching the commercials , at least most of them. I remain more than a bit uncomfortable with the puppy/monkey/baby creature. Mascots should make you want to buy the product, not create an urge to garb a baseball bat and try to kill it while you mutter prayers to send it back to the Netherworld from which it came. And this game, at least on paper had a lot going for it. The old pro versus the brash young gunslinging quarterback. One QB a physical phenom, the other moving as if he is put together by bailing wire. A top offense versus a crippling defense. In some ways that 's what you want to see in a Super Bowl. But what I enjoy the most is the after game interviews and press conferences. Well, specifically the interviews with the losers. Please don 't think I 'm being particularly sadistic about that. But let 's face it, the interviews with the winners are pretty boring. They all pretty much say the same thing. They thank their teammates, family and owners. talk about giving 100%, its a team effort. And
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