The Super Bowl

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It’s February 2nd 2014 the record of the most watched TV program in United States history was broken by Super Bowl XLVIII with 112.2 million viewers (MarketingCharts). The Super Bowl is the championship game of the National Football League. Football is considered Americas favorite past time from throwing the pig skin after thanksgiving dinner to watching the NFL. The Super Bowl has also become popular for its half time advertisement run, with some people only watching during the half time advertisement run. Like many companies marketing through advertisement is essential to the company’s success and can bring success or demise to a company. Coca-Cola has been a pioneer in advertisement even influencing American cultural perceptions, through becoming an American symbol even influencing the current perception of Santa Clause (Mckay, 50-70). Coca-Cola has for many years ran advertisements to great success by keeping to traditional cultural ideal but during Super Bowl XLVIII they ran the advertisement “America the beautiful”. The commercial was meant as a representation of the American melting pot ideal in a nostalgic and patriotic manner, but was received by both praise and backlash. (The advertisement be viewed by going to The commercial is set to the song “America the beautiful” and sung by children in seven different languages. The first scene shows a white cowboy riding in the woods and, a key identifying phrase of the song is

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