The Super Pac

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Today’s media and communication have enhanced the knowledge of petitions, government affairs, and the environment. Although mass communication and formal protests are powerful and sometimes must suffer the darker side of the situation, they are labeled as interest groups. There are important factors such as money, power, and connections that are questioned and accessed within these groups. PACS or Political Action Committees are involved. Yet, there is another form of PACs that are named “Super PACS” where unlimited funds are raised (We the People). The “Super Pac” strategy should be outlawed by the government so it will not abuse its devoted followers. The textbook, We the People defines a PAC as “private groups with that raise and…show more content…
For example, some cons that are associated with the Super PACS are the abuse of power and abuse of integrity. The Authors, Ginsberg and et all mention this use of the PAC as a form of bribery. On page 262, the text reads “such support can easily the cross the threshold into outright bribery.” The speculation of this con support the abuse of power these super PACS might enforce upon its supporters in plain and blind sight. The outlawing of this tactic could benefit people against groups with vindictive interest. The people expect the United States government, specifically the law, to protect them, but this tactic is loop hole that prevents the latter. They are receiving currency legally as donations, again for “the elections not the elected”. If these people are donating their money for a cause they deem justified and favorable, what is the benefit? The question is subjective to the follower, and to the person that sees this as way of abusing the power of the government to extract funds of people from a higher socioeconomic status. In this situation, the groups that make use of the super PAC tactic would essentially be labeling people as ATMs. If the government were to outlaw this tactic, the people would be better protected. Furthermore, the text mentions this being in a way, justified by the first amendment. The name itself indicates agency or a group of people. The Constitution Center
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