The Superfund Federal Program For Community Based Advocacy And Consultancy

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The Superfund Federal Program
Valerie Williams
Walden University

The Superfund Federal Program
I searched high and low to find a social situation that is important not only to my family but to my community. Areas like politics, and religion are a large aspect of my family but I decided to go in a different direction and speak on behalf of the environmental issues that plague my community, but one federal program in particular; the superfund program. In this essay I will present
Situations and case studies of social science research based on contaminated communities. The information provided in this essay is community-based research, (CBPR), this paper will highlight the need for a more rigorous approach for community-based advocacy and consultancy for the study of future, and sociological approaches that can contribute to this discussion.
The Problem
In the year 2009 I and many others was laid off from my position due to an over budgeting problem in the state of California. Stories began to surface as to why America appeared to be heading into a financial crisis, one of the stores that arose was the name superfund. Superfund was an initiative to clean up chemical waste by companies who found loop holes in order to irresponsibly dispose of their waste. I became extremely frustrated…
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