The Superhero Movie Industry

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In the midst of the superhero movie industry 's success in the past decade, have you noticed women characters being written to have shallow narratives, to be killed/maimed/raped as a plot device, or just blatantly over-sexualized? If you feel as though this sentiment applies to a disproportionate amount of females in the superhero universe, you’re not alone. In this research paper i will be investigating the lack of accountability in the authors of misogynistic comics and the implications the that this makes for the comic book industry as a whole. I will be analyzing Grant Morrison’s All-Star Superman as a primary source, and multiple reference and critical essays to examine differing viewpoints and to give historical context to the problem of gatekeeping. Although the problem of ‘women in refrigerators’ as plot device is the author’s creation, they are catering to a target audience. I believe the lack of conversation within the target demographic of comics that contain misogynistic writing is more telling of the predominantly male consumers/industry as a whole. With the internet recently allowing the conversation to become global and the recent push for equal rights and women 's social issues, there should be no excuse for willful ignorance or gatekeeping with blatantly sexist motives. Grant Morrison’s All-Star Superman was a comic book series first published in 2005, written in an attempt to “strip down the Man of Steel to his timeless, essential elements.” In the third
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