The Superintendents Of Schools Are The Top Executives In

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The superintendents of schools are the top executives in a school district. This position is one of the most prominent positions in an educational community. Because of this, school superintendents must be an outstanding citizen and a person of excellent character. Moreover, they must be able to communicate effectively with parents, community, and all stakeholders. Superintendents are responsible for leading every function for a school. With this title comes great responsibility. Superintendents have an array of duties and responsibilities in their schools. They are solely responsible for leading the school district effectively, while working intensely with all internal and external community members to promote positive learning…show more content…
And so, the aim of accountability systems is to provide incentives to encourage student to achieve at high levels and set clear goals for student performance.
Every Student Succeeds Act, was signed into law in 2015 and is replacing the No Child Left Behind Act. ESSA is a system that gives states more flexibility as it relates to funding, assessment and accountability. Moreover, there are many positive components to ESSA that will help a superintendent be effective in their position. One positive concept of the ESSA accountability system is that it will utilize the federal and state standards by merging them into one while the efficiency is analyzed. In addition to this, ESSA ended the Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) requirement that was designed Under the No Child Left Behind Law while allowing states to eliminate unnecessary assessments. According to (Feagan, 2009), AYP was defined during this time as a stronger accountability measure. It was the only accountability system used to determine if schools were successful. This law made it difficult for superintendents to effectively move schools because AYP looked at individual subgroups in addition to individual groups. And so, if a superintendent was the leader of a district that had a high poverty rate, the test results in many cases were lower (2009.) Thus, making it
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