The Supply Chain Involved From A Growing Grape

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With the global wine industry expected to generate almost $292 billion in 2014, Wine production and its supply chain are no doubt big business. The supply chain involved from a growing grape to an uncorked bottle is one that involves many intricate details. Because of the popularity of wine, grapes are in fact the largest fruit crop on Earth. But that is not indicative of the complex and interlacing processes that are necessary to grow the proper grape for wine production. Proper weather conditions, the right mixture of soil, and balanced pruning are just the tip of the iceberg in just the first step of the entire wine supply chain. These same grapes that have been tended to as if they were patrons of a restaurant having their own fine …show more content…
Out of the 345.1 million nine-liter cases sold in the U.S., E & J Gallo Winery, The Wine Group, and Constellation were responsible for 172.3 million cases, or 49.9 percent.

The Wine group produces popular brands such as Franzia Box and Cupcake Wine. $198 million $105 million

E & J Gallo is the producer of the most popular Barefoot Wine and Carlo Rossi

$323million $107million

Constellation brands include Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi and Clos du Bois.

$197 million $91 million

Because of the growing demand for wine in the United States domestic grape growers have had a difficult time keeping up with consumers leading them to turn to international sources. Although domestic wine is the primary driver of the industry, imported wines have grown by 1.6% making up slightly one-fifth of America’s total wine consumption. In 2012 American wine producers accounted for more than half of the 240 new wines to be introduced to the market. Constellation introduced 33 products alone. One of the biggest surges was produced by California’s DFV Wines, which grew by more than 28 percent in 2012. The growth was primarily caused by its
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