The Supply Chain Involved From A Growing Grape

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With the global wine industry expected to generate almost $292 billion in 2014, Wine production and its supply chain are no doubt big business. The supply chain involved from a growing grape to an uncorked bottle is one that involves many intricate details. Because of the popularity of wine, grapes are in fact the largest fruit crop on Earth. But that is not indicative of the complex and interlacing processes that are necessary to grow the proper grape for wine production. Proper weather conditions, the right mixture of soil, and balanced pruning are just the tip of the iceberg in just the first step of the entire wine supply chain. These same grapes that have been tended to as if they were patrons of a restaurant having their own fine glass are then picked and crushed only to be placed into containers to begin the next step of their journey. A long series of processes including, cold soaks, must adjustments, adjustments, fermentation, and yeast addition are where complex science and agriculture join forces. In a scene worthy of a science fiction movie in a mad scientist’s labratory, these grapes slowly become wine. Finished product can be bottled or transferred in bulk to its next destination but will eventually land in a glass where a final customer enjoys the fruits of all the labor involved in this harmony of moving parts. This analysis will be a detailed report of exactly how this supply chain works and how all of these moving parts work to bring the consumer this
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