The Supply Chain Management Process

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Introduction The processes involved in the supply chain are very critical to the business organization. It is therefore very central and critical for the organization to make sure that it is operating or running a supply chain process that is very practical, efficient and sustainable as well as those that are simple to implement in terms of the operational costs. Sustainability means that the company is operating on renewable resources, no environmental pollution, generates products that meet the needs of the customer among others. As such the company or the business entity is in a position to operate in a way that is beneficial to itself, to the environment and to the society within which it operates (Cooper 14). There are three major…show more content…
Documenting the processes Documenting the processes that are already in place is one of the most major parts of the assessment of the supply chain processes of the business. The existing processes should be documented with detailed supply chain records, the system to system communication and the flow maps of the entire process. This approach towards the assessment of the existing processes is very important as it will make it possible for the company to be in a position to consolidate all the processes and their details and in the process gain a better understanding of each and every process. Moreover, this can also help the business entity to point out the areas of improvement of every process and this will bring about the elimination of the unwanted stages for the purpose of improving efficiency (Thomas 11). Executing the comprehensive evaluation Executing the comprehensive evaluation of the existing processes is also critical which involves the evaluation of the existing supply chain processes and such an evaluation is weighed against or compared to the most ideal practices to establish if there are any existing opportunities that are available and that can also be useful in the process improvement. This is a very critical step towards the improvement of the supply chain processes of any given organization. This is because the process involves the pointing
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