The Supply Chain Network Provides Flexibility For Users

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different departments in Almost 21 and its members in the supply-chain network provides flexibility for users to deliver and analyze information to construct a regime to serve customers in a more effective way. For example, Almost 21 might need information from distributors to identify the sales of its design to make pricing adjustment to its product. This approach greatly reduces time to receive the physical documents and therefore allows Almost 21 to make speedy response to the targeted market. From a CRM perspective, the interrelated databases and customers’ participation in the development of data sets up an image that the company emphasizes the significance of customer opinions which helps to develop a long-term relationship with the…show more content…

From figure 5 and 6, data mining techniques compliment with queries helps to find hidden relationships in the data marts in order to find customer preferences and suggest customized advertisements (Faria 2012, p. 255-256). As a result of acquisition, expansion and business nature, Almost 21 requires to do substantial analytical works in order to source complex data relationships within different customer segments such as the relation of spending behavior against age groups and the relation of product sales against age groups. Therefore, BI applications aims to help supply chain planners to implement product mix decisions which refers to the process of choosing the right product options to the customers for sale (Chowdhury & Das 2012, p. 219). Additionally, BI applications advance the performance of Almost 21’s SCM and CRM. From a SCM perspective, the transparency of data, the availability of data mining and OLAP in data warehouse help to construct a more customized product and strengthen the supplier-suppler relationship. Hence, the BI applications facilitate the coordination and decision-making process in the supply-chain network, which in turn benefits the end-users. For example, Zara is a successful firm which had short lead times for new fashion idea because of its comprehensive data analysis, design and product management (Walter 2013). Furthermore, the BI applications help companies to
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