The Supply Chain Of Zara Essay

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Zara is one of the biggest brands in the world in the field of clothing. It always keeps in mind to improve their production quality. Supply chain management is the intercorrection of organizations managements that relate to each other through linkages between processes that produce value to customer. The term supply network refers to all operations that were linked together to provide goods and services through this network along individual channels or standards of that network. The supply chain of Zara is unique. Currently they call for manufacturers to outsource their goods globally to the cheapest provider in all industries. Thus, most of Zara 's competitors contract manufacturing which are located in low-wage countries, notably Asia. But Zara produces more than half of its own clothes and makes 40 percent of its own fabrics, rather than relying on slow suppliers. In order to minimize time efficiency things that are farmed out are done locally. Nearly all Zara clothes in the world are produced in its remote northeast corner of Spain for its stores. It then sends the designs for sewing to one of several local co-operatives, in order to minimize time of raw material distribution. When items return to Zara 's facilities, they are laundered by a group of specialized workers. They are wrapped and transported on belts to a group of warehouses. The computerized system labels, packs, sorts, and allocates clothing items to every one of Zara stores. During 24-hour drive, Zara

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