The Supply Chain

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INTEGRATING THE SUPPLY CHAIN Case Study - Friedland Timbers co. Johann Klassen is the Managing Director of Friedland Timbers co. which makes specialised wood products for the construction industry. He has recently been worried by late deliveries to some important customers. The industry is very competitive, and Johann knows that customers will go to other suppliers if he cannot guarantee deliveries. The marketing manager is particularly upset because he has worked with these customers for a long time, and promised deliveries that were not made. Johann asked the production manager for an explanation. She told him that ‘Our own suppliers were late in delivering certain types of wood. This shortage of a key raw material disrupted our…show more content…
You may use your logistics textbooks or our case studies to help you think of solutions. You may also use Chapter 2 of the online pdf Palgrave MacMillan: Logistics, an introduction to Supply chain Management. Problem Solution Paper – Basic (Friedland Timbers co. Assignment) Intro/1 | |Need to have a problem statement that identifies a problem; a three part thesis will help you stay focused. | | |For example: As more of us purchase things online using credit cards, we need to be concerned about the problem of identity | | |theft. There are three things you need to do to make sure that it doesn 't happen to you. | BODY section/2 Present Problem (rising costs) | |Present Background Information--inform your reader about the problem | | |You need to inform your reader about the issue before you can persuade him or her to think that your argument makes sense. | | |What is the problem? | | |What caused it? | | |Who is affected? | | |What are its

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