The Supreme Court Case Citizens United V. Fec

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Under the Supreme Court case Citizens United v. FEC the supreme court ruled that corporations as an entity were considered people giving them the right to spend money to spread their options and beliefs. This case has been openly questioned in the media, among many members of the country and the government alike. It is still in effect today and the opinion has not changed by the supreme court. With corporations being considered people it brings into question what or who else could be considered person under US law. One example of a group that could benefit from being considered persons are animals. Animals are mistreated everyday and if they had the rights of people then this could be different. Every argument or discussion has two sides, in this case the two sides are that animals should be considered persons and the other is that they should not be considered persons. Both sides have their merits and their faults. The first part of the argument is that animals should be considered persons under the law. This argument breaks down into a few key components. First and foremost, animals are mistreated by human beings everyday. Currently animals rights do exists, however they are not nearly enough and they are not always implemented properly. If in animals had human rights then they would be more protected and therefore less harm would come to them. If animals had the same rights as people they would be even more protected leading to them surviving and helping the ecosystem,

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