The Supreme Court Decision Roe V. Wade Essay

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Soc 116: Memo #1 The supreme court decision Roe V. Wade that legalized abortion in the United States was decided in 1973. Over 40 years later, abortion is still one of the most controversial issues in our society. What is it about a woman’s right to choose that is so polarizing for so many Americans? And what keeps this social issue at the forefront decade after decade? Religion. Religious beliefs and practices influence views on abortion. Individuals with higher levels of commitment to religious groups tend to oppose abortion at higher rates than those with lower levels of commitment (Liu, 2009). According to Pew Research, 54% of White evangelical protestants believe that abortion should be outright illegal. Amid those who believe abortion should be illegal in all or most cases sixty-one percent attend church weekly, fifty-six percent say religion is very important and fifty-four percent have a certain belief in a personal God (Liu, 2013). With such statistics it is easy to see how influential the role of religion plays in those who believe abortion should be illegal. These statistics can be stretched even further to show that it is through group interactions, particularly in religious interactions, that women learn group beliefs. As a result, these beliefs impede a woman’s ability to choose. The choice to have an abortion is a constitutional right that every woman should be allowed to make at her own will. It should be her own merits and decision making that brings her

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