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In the Supreme Court of the United States Bradley, Petitioner v. Georgia Respondent Brief for Petitioner SUMMARY OF ARGUMENTS The information provided by the anonymous informant is not credible. The court established in Aguiler v. Texas (1964), created a test to determine whether an informant tips could be used as probable cause to search warrants and Spinelli v. United States which developed the Aguiler-Spinelli test fully. Bradley’s 4th amendment right to unreasonable search and seizures was violated with the search of his locker and cellphone. Stafford Unified School District #1 v. Redding (2009), provided that school searches violates the 4th amendment if they lack reasonable suspicion or do not present a danger.…show more content…
Police illegally obtained evidence from Bradley’s cellphone which was in violation of the 4th amendment and Bradley having an expectation of privacy of the contents in the cellphone and could not be search without a warrant. The court established in Katz v. United States (1967), the right of privacy to searches and seizures. ARGUMENTS I. THE INFORMANT WHO SUPPLIED THE ANONOYMUS TIP LACKED CREDIBILITY. The Court established from Aguliar v. Texas (1964) and Spinelli v. United States (1969), the Aguilar-Spinelli test determined whether an informants’ tips or letters could be used as probable cause to obtain a search warrant. This two pronged test established that [1] the tip had to “reveal adequately” the informant’s “basis of knowledge”, [2] the tip had to “provide facts sufficiently establishing either the veracity of the affiant’s informant, or, alternatively the ‘reliability’ of the informant’s report. The anonymous tip did not meet the Aguilar-Spinelli test which was proved not credible for two reasons. [1] The Principal received an anonymous tip that ‘one of her students’ was distributing condoms to students during lunch break which was in violation of school policy. The anonymous person did not specifically state that Bradley was the person who was distributing the condoms and also did not provide any description of the person was provided to the
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