The Supreme Court System Of Louisiana

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After reading this week’s readings I have come to the conclusion that the court system of the state where I live which is Louisiana is somewhat unified. [1] In order to understand how to file a law suit in Louisiana it is necessary to know all the different kind of courts that exist here because a civil law suit can be filed on multiple different courts depending on the kind of civil law suit, therefore I will start with a brief explanation of the kind of courts that can be found in the state of Louisiana. The Supreme Court is the highest court in Louisiana and its main responsibility is to review some cases from lower courts in which the decisions that were made by the judges are questionable, some civil cases can also be reviewed by the Supreme Court. [2] The Supreme Court is composed of one Chief Justice and six Associates Justices, all justices and all judges in the state of Louisiana are elected and they all had to practiced law for a certain amount of years as well as complete a one year residency at the court they wish to work for before they become eligible to become judges or justices. [3] There are five circuit court of appeals in the state of Louisiana, the job of the circuit court of appeals is similar to the one of the Supreme Court but the work load of the Circuit Court of Appeals is much higher than the one of the Supreme Court, some civil law suits can also be appealed at the Circuit Court of Appeals and they are able to accept new evidence during appeals in
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