The Supreme Law Of The Federal Court System Essay

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In the United States the court-system operates as a dual-court system. The responsibilities of the State and Federal Courts share the responsibility of determining law based on specific jurisdictions. The principle of federalism was born out of the necessity to balance the powers of the states by creating a federal government whose authority constituted the supreme law of the land. Proponents of court reform have been looking for court unification to streamline the judiciary system to combine overlapping jurisdictions and centralize the administration. Many states have claimed to have been unified, but these are at the trial court level. Empirical data has not been able to establish the effectiveness and efficiency of court unification at the state trial court level and, therefore, I do not see the likelihood of a monolithic court system occurring between state and federal court systems. If I were a judge, my sentencing goals and philosophies would be reflective of today’s contemporary goals and would be guided by three sentencing fundamentals of proportionality, equity, and social debt. As a result, how I feel about a defendant or the crime is irrelevant. Based on the facts, actions and intentions of the defendant punishment will be issued based on the appropriate sentencing guidelines in order to prevent sentencing disparities. This includes cases of capital murder that are extremely difficult to judge. A dual-court court system consists of the State and Federal
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