The Surface Big Business And Climate Change

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On the surface big business and climate change seem like fundamentally different issues, but upon deeper investigation, we can see that these issues have an underlying direct correlation. How can two ideas that are fundamentally different interact so thoroughly on one topic? Naomi Klein dedicates her work to investigate how these two issues interact, and what microcosms of our society encourage this interaction. Klein has a revelation about the issues with big businesses dominance over our society. She also suggests ways for us to change our lifestyle to be more environmentally friendly and prevent massive damages to the environment. Klein’s works have the power to change how we think about these big businesses’ presence in our society and how we can force our society to make a change for a better environment. The first example Klein gives, and her strongest example, is the trade organizations put into place all over the world. The twisted relationship the Klein finds between big businesses’ trade agreements and the environment makes us realize how much big business changes the way we live simply for the sake of maximizing their own profits. Upon seeing the effects that the trade agreements had, Klein reflects, “Yet rather than compete for the best, most effective supports for green energy, the biggest emitters in the world are rushing to the WTO to knock down each other’s windmills” (Klein 65). This behavior is repulsive to anyone who cares at all about the environment.…
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