The Surfrider Foundation Essay

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The Surfrider Foundation The SURFRIDER FOUNDATION is a non-profit organization that works to protect and preserve the world’s oceans, waves, and beaches. The site shows their dedication to bringing awareness to the problems our oceans are facing, cleaning up and taking care of the beaches that are both closed, and open throughout the world. Nationwide, in just about every state, some portion of the beach is public land, which means that all members of the public have the right to use that portion of the beach. Surfrider recognizes that access to public beaches is the public’s right of access to waterways. The foundation also realizes the safety hazards of having a polluted ocean. Polluted oceans can mean dangers for swimmers and for other sea creatures that are important to us and our well-being. This beach friendly foundation is working very hard to preserve and protect our oceans, waves, and beaches and is making progress in doing so. The website has many very positive and helpful features included within itself that may encourage site viewers to want to help. The way the site may encourage people to help and take action by joining the foundation is by using large, beautiful, and colorful images as their backgrounds. The images included in the site display pictures of team members carrying trash away from the shores. Showing an image of people carrying trash away from shorelines is very effective in displaying the efforts the foundation members are putting towards
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