The Surveillance Of Cctv Cameras

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Over the years, banks have housed several of their branches in large buildings, sharing their space with other occupants. Although security is a key factor in consideration of the location of a bank, smart individuals use this positioning to their advantage. Access is gained by cutting a hole in the floor, and theft occurs. With the passing years, security in banks has been evident with the reliance of CCTV cameras. This ensures monitoring of the users activities in banks by security officers who take turns in watching the screens for any uneventful, unexpected happenings. The CCTV cameras are placed strategically in every corner to ensure each detail of the activities taking place is recorded. The ATMs are also monitored in anticipation…show more content…
This made the people hesitate to invest any significant amount of money at the time. The idea slowly began to catch on after easing into E-commerce. Major and minor banks are trying to enhance the security of their firms using different methods. The security system of some banks requires highly trained, capable individuals who can protect progression of activities in their allocated areas, be it inside the bank, at ATM portals and in monitoring CCTV cameras.
Use of laser beams that generate intense beams of coherent monochromatic light through simulated emission of photons has been used as a security measure. They are used either as sensors to trigger alarms or as penetrative destructive beams in highly confiscated areas, which allow limited or no access at all. Online banking security measures are kept to plan by the banks allowing software developers to create antivirus software and sell the software to them. Users are required to download this antivirus for themselves without necessarily consulting the bank’s security operators. Recent trends have shown the use of biometric analysis in the form of hand writing recognition, hand finger, and geometry (Taylor, 2013).
Unlike the current system, the working of this system will provide accurate data storage, since any transaction is recorded on the device and can be easily traced. The system will also create more client confidentiality since any unauthorized individual cannot access the data stored in the system. This
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