The Surveillance Of Women Has Been A Consistent Form Of Oppression

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The surveillance of women has been a consistent form of oppression in countless societies, spanning location, time, and belief system. Not every society shows evidence of the oppression of women; however, proof of the regulation of the female body is overabundant from both past and present societies. Such regulation is often an attempt to maintain the sole power of the male body and an attempt at maintaining the purity of the female body, and through the female, the purity of the children and the rest of the descendants. Silverblatt’s Modern Inquisitions states that, “Spanish gender norms decried women’s participation in Andean public life and denounced their fatal attraction to Satan and heresy.” (2004 p. 193) By doing so, the Spanish destroyed the previous elements of equality found between males and females in the Andean culture. Silverblatt later continues by saying, “The gendered institutions of Spanish colonialism systematically eroded the life possibilities of most Andean women.” (2004 p. 203) Throughout history and into modernity, the oppression of women focuses on the difference between the female and male body and asserts that the male body is inherently better than the female body. Throughout the centuries, numerous institutions have felt entitled to surveil and make decisions on behalf of women. In Spanish-colonized Peru, the Catholic Church and its Inquisitors, the Spanish state, the native society, and the native leaders all surveyed women. Modern Inquisitions
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