The Surveys Will Be Conducted By Mail And By The Web Online

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The surveys will be conducted by mail and by the web online “opt-in” panels. The way will be decided depending on the respondent’s abilities to answer survey. Also every respondent will be given National lottery ticket (or three tickets?) to increase a survey participation of those parts of the population, which are not interested in taking the survey. That could be people who are not interested in the politics, simply young or have a low education. The list of the addresses will be used to include respondents. Answers collected and measured from the survey will give statistics to overview behaviour during decision making on the voting. Also statistics will be separated by subgroups of the respondents to identify which segments are being…show more content…
Also focus groups will improve understanding of the decision making. The basic advantage of the focus groups for this essay is that will illustrate development of the opinion and will help to correct the perspective on the issue that the survey will have already given. While the survey will be providing quantitative type of information and describe the issue in the measurement of the statistics, focus groups will be providing qualitative information on the research. Information that will be collected from the focus groups will help to explore the influence of the news media and it will describe how it happens and what the key element is. Also it will provide the flexibility of the research, Information from the focus groups will be will be collected by group interaction so it will be more objective and not very personal. The focus of the conversation will be on the influence of the media. How participants see this issue? Do they think they are being influenced by it? How much they feel this influence? It is important to identify whether content of the media can change opinion when it is not from the trusted resource and why it can or cannot. This way the social attitude of the participants will be indicated during creative thinking and this is the key point for the research. Analysed data from the focus group research will combined with the results of the survey. So
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