The Survival Game: The Solution for Overcrowed Prisons Essays

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With the constant flow of convicts streaming into prisons, the prison system has become over flooded with more inmates than the government has room for. According to Michael McLaughlin, Since, 2004 the federal prisons has incarcerated over thirty nine percent more convicts than the buildings are designed for, and this percentage keeps growing with each passing year, and in 2012, most systems housed an astonishing average of about forty one percent of inmates over the premeditated limit. This crisis is causing an overwhelming amount of risk to the guards working the prisons, the inmates who are being stored like can of sardines, and to the taxpayers’ wallet. I propose that the adequate solution for overcrowded prisons is to pass a…show more content…
The government will be able to profit from the money that is gained from the yearly shows and off of the selling of the dead tributes bodies to zoo and cannibal tribes. Because the government will need someone to test the bodies for diseases, process and package the bodies, ship the merchandise, and set up the arena for the yearly survival games; this bill will create new jobs for inner cities minorities, because the minorities have a greater chance to commit crimes, go to prison, and therefore causing the prisons to overcrowd they should have to deal with the dead bodies.
Because the bodies are preprocessed and tested the African and Australian tribes are less prone to get diseases, like AIDS or other STDs, from the meat they are consuming; since most prisoners are gross, diseased filled people and the American economy cannot afford lawsuits if the savages get “sick” from our product even though most of them already have AIDS and sickle cell. The processed foods are more humane, efficient, and cleaner form of food for the cannibals; this will help bring the savage like communities into the light of the modern world of civilization. The bones then can be shipped off with the products to serve as utensils, weapons, and jewelry as an extra perk of buying our products.
Another advantage of killing off convict is that the left over and unclean bodies can be feed to wild animals; because they won’t care where their food comes from. This give the zoos, government ran
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