The Survival Game: The Solution for Overcrowed Prisons Essays

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With the constant flow of convicts streaming into prisons, the prison system has become over flooded with more inmates than the government has room for. According to Michael McLaughlin, Since, 2004 the federal prisons has incarcerated over thirty nine percent more convicts than the buildings are designed for, and this percentage keeps growing with each passing year, and in 2012, most systems housed an astonishing average of about forty one percent of inmates over the premeditated limit. This crisis is causing an overwhelming amount of risk to the guards working the prisons, the inmates who are being stored like can of sardines, and to the taxpayers’ wallet. I propose that the adequate solution for overcrowded prisons is to pass a national bill to host a show where the violent and older prisoners fight to the death until one stands, process the dead bodies, sell the meat them to African and Australian tribes for governmental profits, and the unused meat will be fed to sharks and other wild scavengers.
All prisoners that fit the criteria will be body cuffed, blind folded, and loaded on a train or plane to the designated deserted island to fight until the last man stands. To keep them from escaping the island each inmate will be required to wear an ankle bracelet that has a tracker with the circumferences of the island programmed into it and if they should still try to make a run for it or tamper with the bracelet they will be blown up on the spot and fed to the scavengers.…

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