The Survival Of The Fittest

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“Social status is a very important factor to consider in cyberbullying” (Huberman, Loch, & ONculer, 2004.)9 It is a way many go by living on this capitalist society. That has lead many to believe that the survival of the fittest is true. Survival is related specifically with rivalry because of the huge number of species and restricted assets. There 's always been a steady drive to out-perform others and overcome obstacles. The individuals who beat these obstacles accept they 're at the highest point of the natural pecking order. In social dominance theory, the individuals who are more aggressive and have a higher rank, status, or force deceives others seen as having a lower rank, status, or force keeps up their social order inside of their factions. The personal photos that one chooses to include in his or her profile can affect the ability of how one is seen. Having the ability to represent yourself as smart or funny and being able to say you 're associated with certain groups are what keeps future targets safe. Those who witness this behavior deem it as acceptable and then continue the vicious cycle. Social dominance theory clarifies how variables, for example, age, force, and sex arrange social gatherings. Also, the amount of cyberbullying one receives is seen as ‘normal’. There are two different definitions of classroom bullying norms. “The first involves the level of pro- bullying behaviors within a classroom, and the second reflects the bullying level of accepted
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