The Suspects Are Not Justified And Are Guilty As Charge

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I think the suspects are not justified and are guilty as charge. Base on the law, plan to kill someone already constitute murder. The suspects not only killed the Roger Whetmore, but also ate him in order to survive. It was already unethical. Some of the people say that they kill their shipmate in order to survive suppose to be justified. In this case, they could wait for a couple days. Someone might suicide so they could eat the person who suicide. People said they would get more fresh meat if they killed the person instead of waiting for suicide. At this moment, they had waited for fifteen days. All of them already ran out of energy and reached the limited that human could reach. Even though they waited for another day, their body would not change a lot. The variety were almost close to zero. Problem came again. People argued that if they waited for another days, then they might die. I would say no one will murder if one of them actually die. They could eat the person who die first and the rest of them would survive in stead of murdering someone. They would just be immoral instead of committing murder. Base on those, I think the suspect as guilty as charge.Their action toward Roger Whetmore were not justified. Base on what happened on the ship. They threw the dice for Roger Whetmore. In other words, the suspects made the decision for Roger Whetmore. Someone said they did make an agreement with everyone. I would say there was an agreement. This agreement was broken right

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