The Sustainability Move At Tyson

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The earliest sustainability move I found on Tyson happened in 2002 when they created their Tyson Food Core Values dedicated to keeping integrity and honesty within the company and creating better communities (Core Values). Tyson is a large corporation having grown a lot over the years and for their CSR initiatives they have many that deal in different areas from the environment to even religion (Sustainability). Their CSR programs however different do still agree with the purpose of their company. Tyson provides many services that all have an effect on communities, the environment, and even children which is what their CSR strategies focus on (Sustainability). They also have incorporated their CSR into their business operations by taking…show more content…
Affluent because the Crayola company is within a society that is affluent and well off so they can afford to implement this initiative. Sustainability comes into play because Crayola as a company wants to provide a cleaner environment for children and their moms, which are their main market. Globalization does not have much of a hand in this, but the program did reach across the country. Media played a role by providing the public with figures and results about the program and contributed to Crayola’s goodwill. Their brand name is now looked on even better because of the results from their initiative and by their promotion of CSR. Disney Disney has created a CSR initiative where they join forces with Marvel in order to bring superhero comic books to young, sick kids in the hospital (Momdjian). They teamed up with CLC, Child Life Council to bring joy to children in hospitals by doing what they do best, provide them with entertainment (Momdjian). So far over 400 comic books have been distributed to young children in North America (Momdjian). Disney also helped support the CLC by giving them a grant of $1.5 million dollars (Momdjian). Reasons for CSR are present with this CSR initiative. Affluence comes easily to Disney since there are an extremely well known company. Sustainability counts in because Disney is providing joy to their market and bettering their brand name, however, their program was only implemented in North
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