The Sustainability Of A Successful Scholar

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Developing a succinct research topic is challenging work. It requires a detailed plan and an understanding of the resources required. Consequently, a successful scholar is one who is aware of these requirements and diligently evaluates a host of variables when developing their research question(s). Accomplished researchers assess the feasibility of a project, manage its scope, explore the potential significance of their research to their profession, and conduct a thoughtful self-evaluation of their interest and thus, the sustainability of a potential project. However, the work does not end here; writing a dissertation, or writing with the intent of publication also requires the ability to organize your work, take criticism,…show more content…
In an effort to gain some perspective and increase my knowledge I recently began reading a book by Dana Goldstein, The teacher wars: a history of America 's most embattled profession. Goldstein (2014) documents the unenviable role of teachers throughout our history and discusses the demands placed on teacher during periods of reform. Goldstein (2014) also points out the contradictory perception of teachers as they are “attacked and admired in equal proportions.” (p. 5) Goldstein (2014) discusses the politics at play and how teachers are often characterized as parasitic and a drain on resources during reform attempts. However, Goldstein (2014) much like Zeus (2014) suggests the ideological issues associated with race and poverty need to be recognized in order to foster effective reform. In essence, there are many positive and negatives aspects of any reform. In regards to the Common Core I am interested in finding out if standardization will in fact; produce equitable educational outcomes along socioeconomic lines. This is something that only time and subsequent research will tell. I presume to know very little about this topic; However, I do know it is controversial and that there is a divide along conservative and liberal lines. I also know there seems to be some fair and unfair criticism of the content of the curriculum. I do not have any
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