The Sustainability Of Indigenous Communities

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With regards to the sustainable communities, there are many challenges have been found for the indigenous communities during the five days field trip to the Far North Queensland. Dependency on aid or funds upon government or non-government sectors is the top challenge for the sustainability of indigenous communities in the Cook Shire area because they mostly dependent on the fund availability for their livelihoods. While the whole Cook Shire is dependent on the fund, the indigenous communities as a disadvantaged people are more vulnerable to sustainability. However, Depending on the fund can be a challenge for sustainable development because if the aid stops the development activities or the growth will be stopped for this
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In case of Far North Queensland aboriginal people, remoteness and isolation are also key factors of dependency. Although many investments and efforts have been provided to the indigenous communities from the government yet, the indigenous communities are the lowest in terms of economy the standard of living in the communities has been actually falling because of gammon economy, a result of culture defeat (Phillpot, 2006). Therefore, the question remains if funding or aid really effective for development (Cassen, 1994). In order to building sustainable community, therefore, the planning system should be considered about the community participation in the program planning decision-making process so that indigenous people feel encouraged to carry their own development rather than depending on fund. Access to the land is another issue to be handled carefully for the development initiatives.

Development aid and dependency debate

While development aid created opportunities for the improvement and economic growth, but some scholars argued that ‘’dependent development’’ was considered by the fast financial growth and severe income equality (Bradshaw and Huang, 1991). According to Marshall et al. (2007) economic reliance can distress strength in other ways. However, many scholars argued that aid is effective in an environment that is high quality public institutions and capable to manage for development purposes. In one hand, funding has definitely
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