The Sustainable Business Network ( Sbn ) Essay

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The Sustainable Business Network (SBN) is a Not For Profit organization set in Auckland, New Zealand, with the aim to accommodate a forum for those businesses interested in sustainable development practice (Roper, 2004). SBN defines sustainable business as the “integration of economic growth, social equity and environmental management” (Fosters, 2010). Members of this social enterprise are offered support and resources to help minimize their environmental impact, as well as networking opportunities, training and sustainability assessments. CEO Rachel Brown founded SBN in 2002 believing “change was in the air” (Bradley, 2015), making this a relatively new organization. It is based around a membership regime when the fee is tiered based on the organizations previous turnover. By 2013 membership had grown to 500 companies. Previous to 2002, there were any organizations similar to SBN and Roper (2004) states it wasn’t until 1999 people began following a labor government rather than the Neo-liberal New Zealand Business Roundtable. The government influenced public policy stating in order to retain legitimacy, New Zealand businesses needed to rethink role in society. Its likely this an explanation for the rapid number of members. Though they do not state their mission, the overall vision of SBN is communicated clearly, which is to “to make New Zealand a model sustainable nation” (Sustainable Business Network, 2014). To achieve this, they have outlined the four critical

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