The Sustainable Measures Of Middle Eastern Heritage Buildings

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The sustainable measures of Middle Eastern heritage buildings are limited, as well the international green rating system versions are still unsuitable and unable to adapt the local conditions and customs. Despite the Arab efforts to have their own rating systems, such as Abu Dhabi, Qatar and Kuwait (Komurlu, Ruveyda, Asli Pelin Gurgun, and David Arditi 2015, Omar Attallah, Sherif, Ahmad Senouci, Amr Kandil, and Hassan Al-Derham 2013), sustainability in most Middle Eastern countries is still deficient and facing many challenges presented by the lack of the cooperation and supports of the local Arabic organizations, and the dearth of metrics, gap of research, measurement field, monitoring systems, and environmental management and regulations (Komurlu, Ruveyda, David Arditi, and Asli Pelin Gurgun 2014). Despite Syrian government 's concern for the environment and sustainability, the situation of environmental research field is still weak (Haydar and Pediaditi 2010). Ministry of Local Administration in Syria directed towards the observance of environmental conditions within the updating of building codes for the cities, trying to raise awareness and training national cadres. The only Syrian thermal insulation code, was published by National Syrian Arab Standards and Metrology Organization, is still very limited (SASMO 2015). The process of promoting and developing on the built environment research field in Syria faces difficulties and obstacles; because of the weak linkages
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