The Swastika And Symbolism In Hinduism

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The word swastika is Sanskrit symbolizes “good fortune”. The swastika is an ancient religious icon used in India, where it has been and remains a sacred symbol of spiritual principles in Hinduism.In India from thousand of year clockwise swastik represented light or sun and anti-clockwise version represented darkness

Swa in swastika means one’s own possession to imself or herself , natural and inborn.Asthi means present that exists or being. Therefore, swasthi means self-existence, the fact that one is alive and awake. In Sanskrit, swasti is used as an blessing or declaration, meaning, “may you be good,” “maybe it good.”
Buddhism has is own meaning for swasitk, it represent the foot print of Buddha.

The Swastika is one of the great example of what has happened to Hindu beliefs in Europe and other parts of the world. The Europeans saw its as a variation of cross. They also felt it was a symbol of the sun. These are nothing but false constructs . Just as the theories invented by some of scholars from europe particularly the british people that people from europe travelled to India and founded the Indus valley civilization and they called
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However the swastika and meaning of it in India didn’t came from any of those civilisations, the people of our land has uninterruptedly using for more than 5000 years. There are no evidence that the swastika we know was used on such a large scale and for a vast period of time by people anywhere else but except only in India. Because of the such widespread popularity and positive image of swastika among Indians its paved its way to other religions such as Buddhism and Jainism. These religion only adapted swastika and invented it as some would like to argue and Buddhism and Jainism adapted many belief and knowledge for Hinduism because they were true and divine in every possible
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