The Swatch Company Lead By Nicolas G

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This case begins with highlighting the success that had now gripped the Swatch Company lead by Nicolas G. Hayek. Due to strong numbers from 2010 the company set the goal to make 10 billion. This was only made possible by their multiple different brands across multiple different segments, innovative technology, and coming out of a brief period of difficulty with their most profitable flagship watch, Omega. The company now sets its sight on a new goal, surpassing the long established brand, Rolex. In order to try and tackle this giant, the company and CEO debate how to best attract potential customers through advertising, overall message, and through possible overseas ventures in the United States. As I said before Swatch wasn’t always this successful. In fact, according to the case, in the 1960’s their market share fell about 41% due to competition from the then popular inexpensive watches. Throughout this time period it is interesting to see how their strategies evolved in regards to their competition, product placement, and brand management. First, they opted try to combat the inexpensive watches by making an inexpensive quartz watch which they later discarded. Another watchmaking group took their idea which forced the company to move to the more high-end market and as a result they saw their sales drop. I don’t have all the details regarding their decision of course, but it appears that they seemed almost indecisive on how to handle the low cost alternative. It would be

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